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Kick off to Carolina/Clemson Competition Month

Darlington Country Club

We are kicking off the first annual Carolina vs Clemson Competition month for all of our avid USC and Clemson fans to take out their competitiveness since there won't be […]

Rotary Club

Darlington Country Club

Rotary Club Meeting held in the Clubhouse Meeting Room. Please contact your local Rotary organization for more information.

Kiwanis Meeting

Darlington Country Club

Kiwanis Meeting held in the Clubhouse Ballroom. Please contact your local Kiwanis organization for more information.

Blood Drive

Darlington Country Club

The DCC staff would like to invite you to come participate in a Blood drive provided by The Blood Connection to benefit our beloved member, Teresa Moore. Appointments are highly […]

Member’s Lunch

Darlington Country Club

Members are invited to come out to each lunch at the Clubhouse on Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you are interested in hosting a lunch meeting contact us at